Ratlami Sev (Indore)

We all have heard of the Ratlam junction if we had watched “Jab we Met”. Ratlam is one of
the major junction in Madhya Pradesh and most of the trains who has the route from Western
India or Southern India to Northern India crosses this junction. This place is famous for its
snacks but one savoury which has held special place in the heart of food lovers is Ratlami Sev.
Ratlami Sev has mainly the flavour of cloves (that is why it is also known by the name of Laung
Sev) along with black pepper and carrom seeds which further enhances the intensity of flavour.
Its texture is unique and crispy but it melts in mouth on eating.
Ratlami Namkeen is a well-known spicy Indian snack which consists of small crunchy noodles
prepared from besan/gram flour, which is further flavoured with black pepper, cloves, cayenne,
turmeric and carom seeds prior to frying it in hot oil. These Sev/ Namkeen can vary in its
thickness. Different Ready-to-eat kinds of Sev/Namkeen including Ratlami Sev/Ratlami Laung
Sev are available online for purchase at our website.


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