EXOTIKAL HUB illustrates aggregation of those edible and non- edible products which are unique due to its origin, ingredients, taste, characteristics and identity. They are unique, have been able to retain their flavor and richness over a period of time and also been able to XPRESS their quotients despite change in time, taste and temperament. The evolved human behavior ironically loves to conserve the nature and texture, hidden in such products. This intelligent merit of human beings has helped the society by linking the present from the past. They have the tendency to unearth such uniqueness time to time in various ways and we have tried to use these intelligent human characteristics by introducing our exoitk products to them which are lokal and indigenous in nature, in the form of bringing those products forward, at our e commerce vehicle.

Who We Are

The genesis of this private limited company is also Unique. Three like-minded ladies who had started their career on the same day in the same organization worked for five or so years, left due to other responsibilities and after serving family / social responsibilities, decided to do some innovative and out of the box activities. These three academically brilliant ladies who did exceptionally well at their work too, decided to form a private limited company to fulfill their aspirations and responsibilities towards society, simultaneously.

  • Abhilasha Sinha
    • ---------A very soft and charismatic lady who is known for her smile and she believes in “Let my work speak”

  • Smita Verma
    • ---------She has the potential to beat anyone at work provided she feels, “if it’s a challenge there”

  • Priya Chaudhary
    • --------- A stubborn lady who knows her strengths and act decisively when a task is taken. A daughter who is assumed to be a source of strength factor for her father – have a blessing!