Cinnamon (Dalchini)

  • Cinnamon is known as Twak in sanskrit and Dalchini in Hindi.
    Cinnamon stick is a bit thick, it is dry and brown in color.
  • Cinnamon powder is available in brown and coarsely ground
    powder form.
  • The cinnamon used as a spice and medicine has a distinct
    fragrance and sweetness to it. It has warm effect.
  • Cinnamon is roasted or sun dried and then used as a garam
    masala. It is also used in sweets, cakes , cookies, pulao, biryani,
    drinks etc. Cinnamon is an essential ingredient in making masala
  • Cinnamon is quite helpful in cough and cold, joint pain and in
    reducing weight. It is also helpful in maintaining the immunity. It
    is used in medication for skin ailments, diabetes, cholestrol.

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